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Mandala Coin Purse

Mandala Coin Purse

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Harmonious. Symbolic. Tranquil

Our Mandala Coin Purse is a captivating accessory handcrafted with meticulous detail. Made from high-quality leather, this purse features a unique hand-etched mandala design and a genuine turquoise stone accent.

Adding a touch of vibrant charm, a genuine turquoise stone is carefully set within the etched mandala design. The turquoise stone not only complements the earthy tones of the leather but also carries its own spiritual significance, believed to bring protection and positive energy. This stone accent adds a pop of colour and a dash of boho-inspired charm, making the coin purse an eye-catching and meaningful accessory.

A mandala is a spiritual symbol representing unity, harmony, and self-discovery. Its intricate patterns and symmetrical designs reflect interconnectedness and aid in meditation. Mandalas promote calmness, mindfulness, and inner peace, symbolising the journey towards self-realisation. The circular shape represents eternity and the cyclical nature of life, making it a powerful tool for spiritual growth.

With a secure zip closure, this coin purse conveniently holds your coins or cards while adding a touch of boho-inspired charm. 

  • Handmade
  • Full high quality leather
  •  Lined in leather
  •  Each is unique
  • 12CM diameter x 2CM wide
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