Introducing Charzek, our new handbag, slides and cowboy boots fashion label

Introducing Charzek, a luxury range of exquisite handbags, shoes and accessories. 

Words really can't describe the gorgeousness of these boho luxe bags 

The artistic expression in these bags deserve all the praise received by Frida Kahlo or Picasso. With hand-stitched motifs like flowers, leaves, beading, and landscapes, they exude a boho vibe. The attention to detail in the crafting, combined with the highest quality leather makes them an investment to cherish for years to come. 

The aesthetic is bright, bold, beautiful and boho 

We take our handbags with us every day. To me, they’re an expression of our personal style. The last thing I want is a boxy black square or anything that every next woman in the shopping centre is carrying.

These utterly unique handbags, shoes and accessories are like nothing I’ve seen on the market. 

Want a handbag that commands attention, attracts compliments and will have people demanding to know where it was from? Think Charzek. 

The Charzek handbag collection 

The launch capsule includes handbags, totes, backpacks, bodybags, wallets, coin purses and more. The colour range features darker and lighter shades of beige and tan, as well as pinks, greens, blacks, yellows, oranges and reds. Plus gorgeous inset semi-precious gemstones that feature on selected styles. 


Your feet were made for Charzek shoes 

A classic leather sandal will never go out of fashion. The launch range of Charzek shoes features chunky sandals and slides that mould to your feet in tan, black and white.

They’re ultra comfortable and bang on trend for 2023, with thick straps, padded soles, visible stitching and chunky buckles.

All made with expert craftsmanship featuring the finest leather and materials.

I’m toying with adding a cowboy boot to the collection too—but I’ll have to research the market, to see if people love them as much as I do. 


For the Charzek woman, leather is luxury

You love the boho look but you have discerning taste. You appreciate the value of leather—it’s supple, strong and natural. Leather evokes timeless style. It’s durable and can be water and stain-resistant. It’s durable, easy to clean and the smell? Divine. Not to mention the smooth soft feel when you run your hands across it. Utterly lush. 


We make shopping easy 

Charzek will bring you all the high quality and excellent customer service you’ve come to expect from Desiderate and Taleeta—easy-to-use website, convenient online shopping, stunning packaging and friendly customer service team. 


Why Charzek?

I had the vision of the handbags, but no brand name! So I shared on Facebook a selection of product images and asked my friends to help. I got plenty of great suggestions, but one that stood out immediately was Charzek, suggested by my friend Jade. 

It’s a combo of my kids’ names: Charlotte, Aaron and Zeke. I loved that personal connection. It has good cadence, edgy sound and rhythm. The name has potential to be flexible if the brand should evolve. I trust my instincts on these things, and they were saying ‘YES!’ 


Quality takes time, so thanks in advance for being patient. Watch this space!