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Dream Catcher Wallet

Dream Catcher Wallet

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Whimsical. Spiritual. Compact

This wallet is handcrafted with love, using full leather and intricate artistry to create a truly mesmerising accessory. Adorned with a hand-etched dream catcher design and set with a small turquoise stone, this wallet embodies the free-spirited essence of boho fashion.

Crafted from high-quality leather, this wallet not only ensures durability but also embraces the rustic beauty of natural materials. The supple texture and earthy tones of the leather evoke a sense of adventure, making this wallet a perfect companion for your boho-inspired journeys.

The focal point of this wallet is its hand-etched dream catcher design, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans. Each delicate detail is etched with care, bringing to life the mystique of dream catchers and their ability to capture positive energy. This unique design element adds a touch of whimsy and spiritual significance to your everyday life.

Enhancing the bohemian appeal, a small turquoise stone is nestled within the dream catcher design. Known for its vibrant colour and metaphysical properties, this genuine turquoise accent adds a captivating pop of boho flair, evoking a connection with nature and promoting a sense of tranquility.

While compact in size, this wallet doesn't compromise on functionality. It features ten card slots, offering ample space to keep your essential cards organised. The zip coin section ensures your loose change is secure, while the two additional compartments provide room for cash or receipts. This wallet effortlessly combines style with practicality, keeping you organised on your boho adventures.

  • 16 x 10 x 2CM
  • Full Leather
  •  Handcrafted
  • Zip coin section
  • Card slots

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